1st Annual Haas Formal

The night is here!

There is a spreadsheet of confirmed attendees accessible here.

This information is how we will check people in to board the bus and boat, so please make sure it has your name and correct information – otherwise you will not board.

Things to bring: 

  1. IDs required – Make sure to bring your IDs. If you’re over 21, but you do not have ID, you will not be allowed to drink/order alcohol. There will be wristbands and security guards.
  2. Waiver must be submitted or else you will not be allowed on the boat – Please check the spreadsheet – if you have a “no” next to your name for the waiver, submit it ASAP. The waiver is attached.
  3. Bring cash/card – There will be two cash bars on the boat, on the 1st and 2nd floors. If you want to purchase a drink, you will need cash or your debit/credit card.
  4. Do not need to bring physical ticket – Please note that the physical Winter Formal Ticket you received from the HBSA table is a memoir, and you do not need to bring it.

Outline of Schedule: 

5:00PM | (Optional) Mingling and Photos Wells Fargo Room

6:00PM | Bus Boarding @ Haas Piedmont Entrance

7:30PM | Boat Boarding @ Pier 43 1/2

11:00PM | End of Haas Winter Formal Cruise

12:15AM | Buses Back @ Haas Piedmont Entrance

Checking In:

  • For Buses: You will check into a bus with either Grace Lee, Mitchell Quon, or Patrick Burden.
  • For Boat: If you are over 21, you will check in with Grace Lee, Mitchell Quon, Patrick Burden, or Soo Song. If you under 21, you will check in with Rowena Zhang, Sanjana Sathya, Maya Litvak, or Hank Sze. Officer names and faces can be found on the orgwebsite if needed.

Information about the Boat:

The boat (Zalophus) is 3 stories. The first floor will have the dance floor and a cash bar, the second floor will have the lounge, refreshment bar, cash bar, and photobooth, and the top floor will be open deck for views. The ceilings are relatively low, so please do not jump up and down.

Sign the Waiver!
Guests & Attendees: Please e-mail the completed waiver to haascohortleaders@gmail.com or else you will NOT be allowed on the boat!

Dress Code:

Formal attire/black tie

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