April 20, 2017

Director’s Advisory Council

The Director’s Advisory Council (DAC) serves as a partnership between student organizations and the Haas undergraduate program office. It aims to facilitate better interaction between these groups, and provides oversight to ensure the entire Haas community benefits from provided events and activities.

If you have any questions, please contact the DAC Co-Chairs Dhruvangi Shah and Nicholas Truong.

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DAC Organization


Club Logo

Alpha Epsilon Zeta

Alpha Epsilon Zeta (AEZ) is the premier South Asian Professional Fraternity. AEZ is dedicated to promoting and fostering professionalism, brotherhood, and unity. Its goal is to create the largest South Asian network amongst professionals and graduate schools.

Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi provides brothers with professional guidance throughout their college years to ensure that upon graduation, they are all equipped with the skills required to thrive in any work environment. Through interview training, resume building, public speaking workshops and a one-on-one mentorship program, Alpha Kappa Psi develops the business leaders of the future.


Ascend’s mission is to continually influence and encourage the development of finance, accounting and business professionals and students while serving as a collective voice for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the finance, accounting and related business fields.

Bay Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network (BEACN)

BEACN (Originally “Bay-Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network”) is a student-run, non-profit business consulting organization at UC Berkeley. We provide our clients with high quality, innovative, and tax-deductible business consultation, and we provide our students the opportunity to work on impactful projects that create sustainability.

Berkeley ABA

ABA was founded in 1975 by a group of students who set out to provide a bridge between the professional world and the students of the UC Berkeley campus. Over the course of its 40 years of history, ABA has expanded its mission and now represents many diverse majors and cultures. The mission of ABA is to advance the study of business and to develop well-rounded leaders.

Berkeley Consulting

Berkeley Consulting (BC) is a not-for-profit management consulting firm that provides innovative solutions to core business problems faced by its clients. BC is comprised of UC Berkeley’s brightest – sharp, driven undergraduates who seek to meaningfully engage with real-world experience. Since 1996, BC has served over 150 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, local startups, and non-profits around the world.

Berkeley Investment Group

Berkeley Investment Group (BIG) is one of the largest clubs on campus with over 400 members and $130,000 under management. We seek to teach our members the skills needed to become a value investor through hands on portfolio management.

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

Beta Alpha Psi was established in 1919 to encourage and recognize scholastic and professional excellence within fields of business. As a premier honors business organization, Beta Alpha Psi is nationally and internationally recognized and resonates with outstanding scholarship and professionalism.

Berkeley Women in Business

The purpose of Berkeley Women in Business is to provide professional development, create career-networking opportunities, and educate women about contemporary issues in the business world. Our objective is to provide the resources for our members to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for future employment in the professional industries.

Berkeley Forum

The Berkeley Forum is a non-partisan, student-run organization at the University of California, Berkeley. Established in 2012, the Forum hosts debates, panels, and talks by leading experts from a variety of fields.

Business Careers in Entertainment (BCEC)

BCEC was formed with the goal of helping students prepare for careers in the entertainment industry. Our mission is to provide all undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, regardless of academic degree, with the essential career development mind-set and hands-on experience vital to obtain professional entertainment networking connections, internships, and job opportunities within both the creative and business ends of the entertainment industry.

Delta Sigma Pi (DSP)

For over 90 years, Delta Sigma Pi Rho Chapter has served as the heart of the business community at UC Berkeley and has dedicated itself to building leaders who change the world and make a genuine impact in their respective fields. In our legacy as the premier business organization at the University of California, we have solidified a reputation of developing top ranking students and providing professional opportunities that are unrivaled on our campus.


Our mission is to support African American/Black students and other underrepresented groups with their business affiliated aspirations through professional exposure, professional development opportunities, and community involvement.


Since its establishment in 1980, imagiCal has continued to develop multi-million dollar campaigns for leading brands in the National Student Advertising Competition. In our work outside case competitions, we deliver unique solutions to a wide array of business problems for clients of varying backgrounds, from local non-profits to billion-dollar corporations.

Visionary Entertainment

Visionary Entertainment is UC Berkeley’s professional event planning student organization. They provide discounted lighting/sound equipment and event planning consultations for other UC Berkeley student groups.

Latino Business Student Association (LBSA)

The Latino Business Student Association, LBSA, was founded in 1998 with the vision “to be recognized as the premier diverse business organization at UC Berkeley that successfully transitions its members into corporate America and the Walter A. Haas School of Business.” Today, LBSA is the largest minority business organization, with over 180 members, 10 corporate sponsors, over 40 events and an extensive alumni network.

Partnership for Pre-Professional Pilipinos (P4)

The Partnership for Pre-Professional Pilipinos, also known as P4, is an organization dedicated to the advancement of Pilipinos in law and business. Our organization strives to create strong leaders that are capable of encountering these obstacles and organizing our communities for more political, legal, and economic freedom.

Pi Sigma Epsilon

Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) is the only national, co-ed, professional business fraternity in sales, marketing, and management. PSE offers practical sales and marketing experience to members through active involvement in sales and marketing projects, marketing research, professional programs, and social events.

FBLA – PBL (Phi Beta Lambda)

Future Business Leaders of America–Phi Beta Lambda is the largest student business organization in the nation. At the UC Berkeley chapter, our distinguishing feature is our organizational structure, with 10 project teams focusing on different areas in business education, personal development, and media production.

The Berkeley Group

The Berkeley Group is a student organization at UC Berkeley that provides pro bono consulting services for non-profits and social enterprises in the Bay Area.

Undergraduate Finance Association / UMCG

UFA|UMCG’s mission is to serve as a primary contact point on campus for investment banks and management consulting firms. With our strong industry relationships, we strive to bridge the gap between students and top firms by organizing some of the largest and most successful recruiting and informational events and workshops on campus.

Berkeley Business Society

Berkeley Business Society is a student-run nonprofit at UC Berkeley that provides consulting services to a wide range of clients across the Bay Area. Provided with training and guidance from alumni and industry mentors, our members acquire invaluable experience while adding value to companies through consulting engagements.