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HBSA Candidacy Form (Signatures)

HBSA Elections 2017 Guidelines

HBSA 2017 Executive Officers

The Haas Business School Association 2017 Election process has finally begun! HBSA is the official undergraduate student government of Haas. We are responsible for all aspects of student life at Haas, from sitting on committees which oversee academic curriculum changes to creating social events for students.

Currently all positions except President and Executive Vice President are open to anyone with one or more remaining semesters at Haas. In addition, the President and Executive Vice President position is only open to Haas students who have served 1 full semester on HBSA. We encourage you to reach out to current officers to ask questions about their position. Please review the timeline and attachments for more information about the process.

While attendance at the info session on February 27th was not required to file for candidacy, it is highly encouraged to ensure you’re abiding by campaign and elections rules. Please note: NO campaigning is allowed before Monday, April 3rd at 8:00 AM and candidates are approved for good academic and disciplinary standing by the Election Council.

1. All candidates must be current students of the Haas School of Business and in good standing with the Undergraduate Office at Haas.
2. All candidates shall be approved by the Office of Student Conduct.
3. All candidates must have one or more remaining semester at Haas.
4. New: All candidates must email by scanning the completed Candidacy form (along with the candidate picture) to hbsapres-haas@berkeley.edu by getting at least 20 signatures from fellow Haas students along with the HBSA Election Application.

Please note that all elected officials have the freedom to complete any platforms he/she wishes within his/her scope. You can be creative with what you want to achieve in office.


Monday, Mar. 6th — HBSA Election Applications Released
Sunday, Mar. 19th at 11:59 PM– HBSA Election Applications Closed
Week of Mar. 20th – Candidates notified if they’re eligible to run for office
Monday, April 3rd – HBSA Election Campaigning begins
Monday, April 10th at 8:00 AM – Voting Polls Open for Elections
Thursday, April 13th at 11:59 PM – Voting Polls Close for Elections (unless there is a tie and a run-off campaign must be held)

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