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Welcome to the official website of HBSA.



The Haas Business School Association (HBSA) is the official undergraduate student government of the Haas School of Business. Under the support and guidance of the faculty and the Haas Undergraduate Program Office, HBSA works to enhance the undergraduate experience and meet the needs of the student body. It serves as an advisory body and represents all students enrolled in the Haas Undergraduate Program. HBSA’s goal is to promote activities that benefit the Haas community, students, faculty and staff.


We lead by championing bold ideas, taking intelligent risks and accepting sensible failures. This means speaking our minds even when it challenges convention. We thrive at the world’s epicenter of innovation.


We make decisions based on evidence and analysis, giving us the confidence to act without arrogance. We lead through trust and collaboration.


We are a community designed for curiosity and lifelong pursuit of personal and intellectual growth. This is not a place for those who feel they have learned all they need to learn.


We shape our world by leading ethically and responsibly. As stewards of our enterprises, we take the longer view in our decisions and actions. This often means putting larger interests above our own.

Undergraduate Finance Association / UMCG

ufaumcgWebsite: ufaumcg.com
Contact: ufa.umcg@gmail.com

UFA|UMCG’s mission is to serve as a primary contact point on campus for investment banks and management consulting firms. With our strong industry relationships, we strive to bridge the gap between students and top firms by organizing some of the largest and most successful recruiting and informational events and workshops on campus.

Student Financial Advisory Committee

sfac_logoWebsite: cubsonline.org/sfac
Contact: SFAC.berkeley@gmail.com

The Student Financial Advisory Committee (SFAC) is a student organization that aims to promote financial literacy on campus. Topics frequently include budgeting, investments, salary negotiation, and more. SFAC members gain hands-on experience teaching financial literacy and benefit from professional development workshops.

Phi Beta Lambda

pblWebsite: berkeleypbl.com
Contact: berkeleypblexecs@lists.berkeley.edu

Future Business Leaders of America–Phi Beta Lambda is the largest student business organization in the nation. At the UC Berkeley chapter, our distinguishing feature is our organizational structure, with 10 project teams focusing on different areas in business education, personal development, and media production.

Partnership for Pre-Professional Pilipinos

p4Website: calp4.wordpress.com
Contact: p4partners@berkeley.edu

The Partnership for Pre-Professional Pilipinos, also known as P4, is an organization dedicated to the advancement of Pilipinos in law and business. Our organization strives to create strong leaders that are capable of encountering these obstacles and organizing our communities for more political, legal, and economic freedom.

Latino Business Student Association

lbsaWebsite: ucberkeleylbsa.com

The Latino Business Student Association, LBSA, was founded in 1998 with the vision “to be recognized as the premier diverse business organization at UC Berkeley that successfully transitions its members into corporate America and the Walter A. Haas School of Business.” Today, LBSA is the largest minority business organization, with over 180 members, 10 corporate sponsors, over 40 events and an extensive alumni network.


Kairos Society

kaWebsite: kairossociety.com
Contact: community@kairossociety.com

Kairos Bay Area is at the heart of the global entrepreneurial epicenter. We bring together young entrepreneurs who are solving significant problems with corporations, influencers, and strategic investors. With students primarily from Stanford and UC Berkeley, we’re developing a community and bridge to the Silicon Valley ecosystem.


imagicalWebsite: calaaf.com
Contact: contact@calaaf.com

Since its establishment in 1980, imagiCal has continued to develop multi-million dollar campaigns for leading brands in the National Student Advertising Competition. In our work outside case competitions, we deliver unique solutions to a wide array of business problems for clients of varying backgrounds, from local non-profits to billion-dollar corporations.

Haas Undergraduate Black Business Association

ucbhubbaWebsite: ucbhubba.com
Contact: ucbhubba@gmail.com

Our mission is to support African American/Black students and other underrepresented groups with their business affiliated aspirations through professional exposure, professional development opportunities, and community involvement.

Delta Sigma Pi

Website: dsp-rho.com
Contact: deltasig.svp@gmail.com

For over 90 years, Delta Sigma Pi Rho Chapter has served as the heart of the business community at UC Berkeley and has dedicated itself to building leaders who change the world and make a genuine impact in their respective fields. In our legacy as the premier business organization at the University of California, we have solidified a reputation of developing top ranking students and providing professional opportunities that are unrivaled on our campus.

Berkeley Women in Business

bwibWebsite: berkeleywomeninbusiness.com
Contact: president@berkeleywomeninbusiness.com

The purpose of Berkeley Women in Business is to provide professional development, create career-networking opportunities, and educate women about contemporary issues in the business world. Our objective is to provide the resources for our members to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for future employment in the professional industries.

Beta Alpha Psi

Website: berkeleybap.org
Contact: president@berkeleybap.org

Beta Alpha Psi was established in 1919 to encourage and recognize scholastic and professional excellence within fields of business. As a premier honors business organization, Beta Alpha Psi is nationally and internationally recognized and resonates with outstanding scholarship and professionalism.

Berkeley Investment Group

Website: invest.berkeley.edu

Contact: BerkeleyInvestmentGroup@gmail.com

Berkeley Investment Group (BIG) is one of the largest clubs on campus with over 400 members and $130,000 under management. We seek to teach our members the skills needed to become a value investor through hands on portfolio management.

Berkeley Consulting

bcWebsite: bc.berkeley.edu
Contact: snanda@berkeley.edu

Berkeley Consulting (BC) is a not-for-profit management consulting firm that provides innovative solutions to core business problems faced by its clients. BC is comprised of UC Berkeley’s brightest – sharp, driven undergraduates who seek to meaningfully engage with real-world experience.  Since 1996, BC has  served over 150 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, local startups, and non-profits around the world.

Bay-Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network

Website: beacn.berkeley.edu
Contact: beacn.berkeley@gmail.com

BEACN (Originally “Bay-Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network”) is a student-run, non-profit business consulting organization at UC Berkeley. We provide our clients with high quality, innovative, and tax-deductible business consultation, and we provide our students the opportunity to work on impactful projects that create sustainability.


Ascend-LogoWebsite: ascendberkeley.org
Contact: ascendberkeley.exec@gmail.com

Ascend’s mission is to continually influence and encourage the development of finance, accounting and business professionals and students while serving as a collective voice for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the finance, accounting and related business fields.

Alpha Kappa Psi

Website: calakpsi.com
Contact: rush@calakpsi.com

Alpha Kappa Psi provides brothers with professional guidance throughout their college years to ensure that upon graduation, they are all equipped with the skills required to thrive in any work environment. Through interview training, resume building, public speaking workshops and a one-on-one mentorship program, Alpha Kappa Psi develops the business leaders of the future.

Alpha Epsilon Zeta

aezWebsite: aez.berkeley.edu
Contact: aezberkeley@gmail.com

Founded in 2003, Alpha Epsilon Zeta (AEZ) is the premier South Asian Professional Fraternity. AEZ is dedicated to promoting and fostering professionalism, brotherhood, and unity. Every brother of AEZ strives to live by the ideal man philosophy that entails excelling both professionally and academically. Its goal is to create the largest South Asian network amongst professionals and graduate schools.

Cohort Program

2016 Cohort Leaders: Sebastian Werz, Megan Yen, Erica Fossum, Alex Park, Jesse Bowens, Julie Xiao, Jacqueline (Jackie) Young, Andrea Haro, Kevin Yin, Daniel Phan, Cassarie Soungpanya

2017 Cohort Leaders: Grace Lee, Edgar Chimdi Okorie, Michael Dunn, Danjana Sathyanarayana, Kenneth Suh, Rowena Zhang

Cohort Liaisons: Mansha Seth, Maya Litvak

To boost community spirit and create a more supportive, cohesive environment, students enter the Haas Undergraduate Program divided in cohorts. The cohorts allow students to navigate their major experience with a smaller group of their classmates. Activities are centered on social, community involvement and a host of other engagement opportunities. Each of the six cohorts has around 60 students.

Technology & Communications Committee

Led by: Grace Lee
Associates: Mimmi Lindquist, Diana Ly, Sharleen Lee

The HBSA Technology & Communications Committee is responsible for all technological aspects related to HBSA, as well as the HBSA website and UGBA Weekly newsletter. Through these functions, we are able to communicate professional, academic, and social functions to the Haas student body, whether through announcing business related events or providing resources on the website.

Achievements: We created the current berkeleyhbsa website from scratch, and have added the information, resources, upcoming events, DAC information, and photo gallery accordingly. In addition, the website has now become a central medium for many HBSA events and functions, such as signing up for the mentorship program or Massage Monday by the Cohort Program. The UGBA Weekly is the HBSA resources provided to students, which we create by collecting all relevant events, announcements, resources, and information for the week in a way that’s attractive and concise for Haas students.


Student Affairs Committee

Led by: Elsie Cheang
Associates: Derrick Chow and Ethan Lin

The Student Affairs Committee plans and provides resources, programs, and workshops for underclassmen interested in applying to Haas. In addition, our committee hosts student enrichment activities and events that would enhance the diversity and wellbeing within the Haas undergraduate community.

Achievements: Our committee is currently piloting the very first Haas Mentorship Program with the ASUC and the Haas Undergraduate Office. It will be a program in which Haas students are paired with business-interested underclassmen to create a space to share personal, academic, professional experiences and advice.

student affairs

Professional Development Committee

Led by: Raymond Dang
Associates: Rahim Noorani, Melody Lin, Ryan Fang

The Professional Development Committee is primarily responsible for finding and providing resources for students. In the past, we have hosted interview etiquette/resume workshops, case competition workshops, case competitions, and various career-oriented workshops. In addition, we source opportunities with companies that are interested in hosting events with the Haas School of Business and our goal to be a valuable resource for both students within the ABC’s (Accounting, Banking, Consulting) as well as outside of the ABC’s. If you are interested in hosting an event on campus, please shoot me and email and we’ll be in touch!

Achievements: Consulting Case Workshop, Case Competition Workshop

professional development

MBA & Alumni Engagement Committee

Led by: Daniel Phan
Associates: Sharon Khoo, Bryannie Bach, Mitchell Quon

The MBA & Alumni Relations committee serves undergrads at Haas through our commitment to forming a collaborative community and creating opportunities for engagement with alumni and MBAs. Its role in HBSA is to give undergrads the ability to leverage other degree programs and our successful alumni base for career advice, mentorship, and networking opportunities to further their careers and personal development. We’re constantly working to develop new programs and events to serve the Haas Undergraduate community. Our most recent event this semester was the first ever, Executive MBA Networking Panel and Happy Hour that allowed undergrads the opportunity to engage with Executive MBAs and to learn from their years of experience. If you have any ideas for events and programs that you would like to see us put on, please email our committee at vp.alumnirelations@berkeleyhbsa.org!


Marketing Committee

Led by: Jenna Hardenbrook

Associates: Kyle Nguyen and Angel Hsu

The HBSA Marketing committee is responsible for generating awareness and promoting events put on by the Cohort Program and HBSA. We manage the social media accounts, photograph events, and design flyers. With the help of the Tech & Communication committee we reach the entire undergraduate population and inform students about amazing opportunities and ways to get involved!


Finance Committee

Led by: Andrew Cai-Li
Associates: Grace Ma, Tricia Sun

The HBSA Finance committee manages HBSA’s budget for numerous campus-wide Haas-sponsored student events like workshops and career fairs. It also corresponds with businesses who are interested in sponsorships and partnerships with Haas. Part of our job is also hosting regular fundraisers for social events like Haas happy hours!


Director's Advisory Council (DAC) Committee

Led by: Andrew Davis and Andrea Shen (not pictured)
Associates: Sungwon (Sung) Kang & Elizabeth (Liz) Cho

The Director’s Advisory Council (DAC) serves as a partnership between student organizations and the Haas undergraduate program office. It aims to facilitate better interaction between these groups, and provides oversight to ensure the entire Haas community benefits from provided events and activities. DAC meets once a month with the presidents of haas sponsored organizations to foster collaborations that benefit the haas community.


Presidential Committee

Led by: President Jess Mersten and Executive Vice President Amy He
Associates: Ashley Yu, Edgar Okorie, Rushil Surapaneni (not pictured), Cecilia Zhao (not pictured)

The HBSA Presidential committee works on projects that relate to the general business community. We are in charge of planning events for the school and developing ideas to build a stronger HBSA. It is a unique committee in which works with both the President and EVP as the jack of all trades of the organization. 


Andrew Davis

Director’s Advisory Council Co-Chair

Email: dac@berkeleyhbsa.org
Year: Senior

Andrew Davis—one of HBSA’s DAC Co-Chairs—is pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration. Born and raise in Los Angeles, California, Andrew was more than excited to branch his roots out and attend Cal over UCLA back in the fall of 2012.  You can often find Andrew working out at either the stadium or RSF gymnasiums. This past summer, Andrew worked as an Accounts Receivable Insurance Summer Analyst for American International Group (AIG). He hopes to either continue his interest in Insurance or find another corporate finance-related position after graduation.  In his free time, Andrew enjoys playing flag football with his fraternity’s team and attending Cal football games on game days. Andrew is very excited for the possibility of Cal football making it to a bowl game for the first time in quite a long time. He will also be making the trip down to Stanford to support his fellow Bears and their pursuit of beating Stanford for the first time in a while. Go Bears!

Andrea Shen

Director’s Advisory Council Co-Chair

Email: dac@berkeleyhbsa.org
Year: Senior

Andrea is a senior majoring in business admin. She’s an international student from Vancouver, Canada. She loves trying out new foods, traveling, and all snow sports. Andrea is looking forward to collaborating with all the DAC organizations this year! Please feel free to reach out to her should you have any questions regarding DAC sponsorship & the room request process.

Mansha Seth

Vice President of Social & Cohort Affairs

Email: cohortprogram@berkeleyhbsa.org
Year: Senior
Additional majors/minors: Peace and Conflict Studies Minor

Mansha Seth is from Chico, CA and is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. On campus, she is involved in the Berkeley Project, the Haas Undergraduate Cohort Program, and the Haas Student Gift Campaign. This past summer, Mansha studied abroad at the University of Cambridge taking classes in business innovation, world politics, and art. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in consulting and/or product management. In her free time, she enjoys visiting different cafes around the Bay, taking hipster photos, and playing basketball.

Angelique Nguyen

Angie Nguyen

Vice President of Marketing

Email: a.nguyen@berkeley.edu
Year: Junior

Angie Nguyen is a junior majoring in Business Administration and transferred from Modesto, CA to UC Berkeley in Fall 2015. In her free time, she enjoys discovering new restaurants, listening to music, and watching basketball. On campus, she is involved in HBSA and Sigma Phi Omega. After graduation, she plans to merge her two passions, business and fashion, and pursue a career in high fashion marketing.

Grace Lee

Grace Lee

Vice President of Technology and Communications

Email: vp.techcomm@berkeleyhbsa.org
Year: Junior
Additional majors/minors: Public Policy minor

Grace Lee is from Fremont, CA and is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Public Policy. On campus, she is involved in the ASUC Student Legal Clinic, Livingwater Church, and intramural basketball. This past summer, Grace was a summer analyst in the Corporate & Investment Bank at J.P. Morgan in New York and will be returning next summer. She hopes to continue pursuing a career in investment banking and eventually find a way in which she can combine her passion for finance, law, and government to make a lasting impact. In her free time, she enjoys taking scenic photos, and playing basketball, piano, and strategic board games.

Raymond Dang

Raymond Dang

Vice President of Professional Development

Email: vp.prodev@berkeleyhbsa.org
Year: Senior

Raymond Dang is originally from Cerritos, CA, and is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. On campus, he is involved in Delta Sigma Pi and Delta Chi. This past summer, Raymond was a summer analyst at Stifel and will be working at RBC full-time. In his free time, he enjoys reading books, lifting weights, and traveling the world.

Elsie Cheang

Vice President of Student Affairs

Email: vp.studentaffairs@berkeleyhbsa.org
Year: Senior
Additional majors/minors: Minor in History

Elsie Cheang loves long walks to Chipotle, the sound of laughter, and yellow Gatorade. With her business degree, she hopes to attend law school to combine her passion in these two fields. Through the years, she had amazing opportunities to work in the startup world, the nonprofit world, and the legal world and she loved every one of those experiences! At Berkeley, she loves her community at Livingwater Church, ZTA, and HBSA. In addition, she enjoys working as a Research Assistant at the law school (it’s the best!). In her free time, Elsie loves watching Criminal Minds (go Netflix), hiking, and pretending like she knows what she’s doing at the gym.

Daniel Phan

Daniel Phan

Vice President of MBA & Alumni Relations

Email: vp.alumnirelations@berkeleyhbsa.org
Year: Senior

Daniel Phan is a Senior from San Jose, CA pursuing a degree in Business Administration. In addition to HBSA, Daniel is involved in the Haas Undergraduate Cohort Program, the Haas Student Gift Campaign, and Greek Life. Last summer, he interned in San Francisco at PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Asset Management Tax Practice. Daniel hopes to pursue a career in accounting and work towards getting his CPA after he graduates​. In his free time, he likes to go hiking, watch/play sports, catch up on his favorite TV shows, and listen to music. He also loves to travel and explore new places, and has studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland​.​ He’s a huge supporter of everything Cal-related and loves going to football and basketball games. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Go Bears!

Andrew Cai-Li

Vice President of Finance

Email: vp.finance@berkeleyhbsa.org
Year: Senior

Andrew is a senior majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Creative Writing. He was born in San Francisco, but moved to Cupertino at a young age and grew up there. His interests include reading, playing tetris battle, and spending time on Reddit. Most recently, Andrew interned in New York City at Deutsche Bank as an investment banking summer analyst in the Natural Resources group and prior to that, he interned in the Industrials Group his sophomore summer. He’s ultimately passionate about a multitude of things and is busy finding the time to explore them all!

Amy He

Amy He

Executive Vice President

Email: evp@berkeleyhbsa.org
Year: Senior
Additional majors/minors: City and Regional Planning

Amy He is from Alhambra, CA, right in the heart of San Gabriel Valley/LA County. As a graduating senior, Amy is looking to pursue a career in tech, whether it be in product management or product marketing. On campus, she is also highly involved with Berkeley Women in Business and volunteers at the YWCA’s Student Leadership Board. Amy has interned at both ginormous companies like Oracle and small start ups like Readyforce. In her free time, she enjoys playing traveling across the world to every continent possible, intramural basketball and volleyball, and eating a lot of food!

Jess Mersten

Jess Mersten


Email: hbsapres-haas@berkeley.edu
Year: Senior
Additional majors/minors: French minor

Jess Mersten is from San Diego, CA, and is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a minor in French. Because of her love for the University, Jess has served as the Director of Special Events for the UC Rally Committee and Cal Student Orientation (Cal SO) Leader, and currently represents Cal as a Campus Ambassador & Tour Guide. Jess is passionate about travel and strives to become a global citizen in our increasingly interconnected world. Jess personally mentored nine international students through the Berkeley International Peer Mentorship Program and interned in Paris, France, last summer at a cosmetic industry start-up. After finishing her internship, Jess backpacked through five European countries three weeks, working towards her goal of visiting 20 countries by the age of 25. When she’s not walking backwards or planning her next adventure, Jess enjoys cooking elaborate meals, sampling craft beers and jamming with her house band, The Theoretical Futons.